Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Stans Plan...

After having a play with the samples provided with the development environment, thought I had better work out a few details to get me where I want to be.

So I decided as a basic course of action.

Step 1
Configure the board and write code to control the LEDs
Specify a RGB colour on the laptop send to the Arduino to update the LEDS

Step 2
Configure the board and code to talk to the sensor, and output the readings to the laptop.
Convert the output of the accelerometer into RGB values.

Step 3
Combine the above so the LEDs and Accelerometer are wired up to the board and the LEDs updated directly from logic on the board.

Step 4
If I get this far and have not lost interest or smashed the tiny bits into tinier bits out of frustration, order the rest of the bits required for the job.
  • Wireless transmitter and receiver
  • Another Arduino board
  • A proper RGB LED unit.
And make it work wireless!

Sounds straight forward enough.

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