Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Where it started...

The goal of this project:
Think, holding a Rubik's Cube, whatever side is facing up, is the colour the lamp on the other side of the room will change to. As the cube is rotated the light will change.

The plan:
To build this using an Arduino Diecimila open source board(x 2), RGB LEDs, 3 Axis Accelerometer, and wirless transmitter/reciever.

Floating around in the back of my head for a while has been the idea to play with intelligent or automated control systems, without a any specific plan or project in mind.

While fossicking around the internet a while back I came across a project on the instructables.com web site (had not heard of this before), which I looked at and thought was pretty cool, it showed a RGB LED being controlled wirelessly using an Accelerometer to control the colour, see here. I was holding a Rubik's cube at the time, and was thinking how cool would it be to rotate the cube so that the colour facing up would be the colour the LED would emit and while rotating, would gradually change between these colours.

One of the components was was an 'Arduino wee' Searching for this I found discovered the Arduino site
and the 'Arduino Diecimila' an Open Source electronics development platform,

A few days passed and the idea kept growing on me and the 'thats pretty cool' factor hadn't waned. So I went shopping for the bits, as this is something I know very little (nothing) about I decided on a run before walk approach, so I only ordered a couple of core components, the 'Arduino Diecimila' board, and the Accelerometer.

I started this a week or so ago, so will post a couple in quick succession in line with my progress, rather than one huge post.

So it begins...

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